DRSTP organizes the events where it all happens

The DRSTP organizes PhD schools, the “Trends in Theory” conference, PhD day, the National Seminar High-Energy Physics, and with the D-ITP, the MSc. courses Advances Topics in Theoretical Physics.

Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics (Spring 2023)

It is a pleasure to announce this spring's Delta ITP Course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics. The course is divided into three 5-week modules, which will covers an introduction to topology in soft matter, stochastic thermodynamics and topological data analysis. As always, the emphasis is on methods that can be used across all fields of physics.
Each module consists of four lectures and exercise sessions. Lectures will take place on Mondays at
11:15 - 13:00, followed by a study/exercise session from 13:45 - end. At the end of each module there is an exam. All exams are pass/fail, and you need to pass all three exams to receive credit for the course.
Teaching is on location in person, with the location of this course rotating between the three institutes. The first module is in Utrecht. Directions to the institutes can be found here: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden. Students who do not have an OV-card from the Dutch government can have their travel costs reimbursed from D-ITP. Please contact the local coordinator (below) for details.
Please register [HERE] before the course begins, even if you do not take the course for credit. We cannot process your grade or send important notices if you do not register.

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PhD school and Symposium Trends in Theory 2024

Every other year the DRSTP organizes both the THEP and SPTCM PhD schools and its biennial conference as a single event. In 2024 these events will be combined in one week. The PhD school will last 3 days, and will feature plenary and parallel lectures that are intended for all Dutch PhD students in theoretical physics, regardless of their own research focus. This PhD school will be followed by a two-day conference for all theoretical physicists in the Netherlands. The conference program will consist of plenary talks on recent developments in theoretical physics, and a poster session for PhD students.

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Dutch Summer School of Theoretical Physics

Starting in 2024, the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (DRSTP) will organize the Dutch Summer School of Theoretical Physics, formerly known as the Utrecht Summer School of Theoretical Physics. The target audience of this one-week course are advanced bachelor students in the field of (theoretical) physics, especially those who are preparing to start a Theoretical Physics master program or who are considering to do so in the near future.

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