PhD Day 2018

For all theoretical physicists that are young at heart!
The DRSTP PhD Student Council is organizing a meeting focused on the younger researchers in the Research School.
On this 11th edition of the PhD Day you will hear inspiring talks from PhD students in several areas of theoretical physics and beyond.
Just like previous editions, the PhD Day is also the right moment to meet old friends and make new ones, to share the joys and pains of being a scientist.
Also for Master's students the PhD Day is a great opportunity to meet PhD students from all over the Netherlands and find out about research at other universities.

  • Date:

    Friday, 26 October 2018

  • Location:

    Booth Hall, Library, Utrecht University
    Heidelberglaan 3
    3584 CS Utrecht
    De Uithof
    Route description

  • Speakers:

    Sander Kempkes (UU): Thinking inside the (particle in a) box – designing artificial electronic lattices with atomic scale precision

    Gillian Lustermans (Nikhef): Resummation of large logarithms in QCD

    Ruud Peeters (RUG): Fine-tuning in models with extended Higgs sectors

    Ana Oliveira Silva (UvA): Combined charge and orbital order in the chalcogen crystals

    Zhihong You (Leiden): Role of cell growth in the self-organization of bacterial colonies

    Guest speakers:
    Diederik Roest (RUG)
    Lisa Hartgring (Accenture) (former PhD Nikhef)

    There will be a delicious lunch, a very challenging pub quiz and inspiring talks.

  • Schedule:

    26 October 2018

  • Registration:

    Registration deadline: 19 October 2018
    Lunch and drinks will be provided free of charge for those who register on time.
    If you are unable to attend please notify Olga Sobrino Gutierrez, secretary.

  • Organizers PhD Student Council:

    Marco Boers (RUG) (theme 1) substitute Chairman, 050-3634950,
    Schelto Crone (UvA) (theme 2),
    Tom van Daal (VUA) (theme 1), 020-5987906,
    Nicandro Bovenzi (UL) (theme 2), 071-5275529,
    Marcus Reitz (RU) (theme 1), 024-3653104,
    Tycho Sikkenk (UU) (theme 2), 030-2532958,
    Jorinde van de Vis (Nikhef) (theme 1), (Chairman); 020-5925011;

  • Bureau:

    Olga Sobrino Gutierrez, Secretary, 030-2535928,
    Joost van Zee, Managing Director, 030-2537549,

  • Participants:

    1 Abdul Khalek, Rabah (VUA) organizer
    2 Albuquerque, Rodrigo (UU)
    3 Baerends, Sacha (UU) (Master’s student)
    4 Basdew-Sharma, Avanish (Nikhef)
    5 Battilomo, Raffaele (UU)
    6 Boers, Marco (RUG) organizer
    7 Boeschoten, Alexander (RUG)
    8 Brunekreef, Joren (RU Nijmegen)
    9 Cal, Pedro (UvA)
    10 Cañas Herrera, Guadalupe (UL)
    11 Chernowitz, Daniel (UvA)
    12 Chongchuo, Li (UU)
    13 Correia, Adriana (UU)
    14 Crone, Schelto (UvA) organizer
    15 Dalal, Roohi (UL)
    16 de Klerk, Bart (UvA)
    17 de Wit, Jeremy (RU Nijmegen) (Master’s student)
    18 Finelli, Bernardo (UU)
    19 Fischer, Sonja (UU)
    20 Gambino, Margherita (UU)
    21 Garcia Aguilar, Ireth (UL)
    22 Garcia Florez, Francisco (UU)
    23 Guo, Yangyang (RUG)
    24 Hamano, Yuki Rea (UU) (Master’s student)
    25 Hao, Yongliang, (RUG)
    26 Hartgring, Lisa (Accenture) lecturer
    27 Jaarsma, Ruben (Nikhef)
    28 Kempkes, Sander (UU) lecturer
    29 Kip, Jochem (RU Nijmegen) (Master’s student)
    30 Kooi, Sander (UU)
    31 Liu, Leihua (UU)
    32 Lizunova, Mariya (UU)
    33 Lustermans, Gillian (UvA) lecturer
    34 Mateos, Carlos (UL) (Master’s student)
    35 Mühlmann, Beatrix (UvA)
    36 Nijs, Govert (UU)
    37 Pap, Eric (RUG)
    38 Peerlings, Daan (UU) (Master’s student)
    39 Peeters, Ruud (RUG) lecturer
    40 Pieterse, Camiel (RU Nijmegen)
    41 Peirone, Simone (UL)
    42 Plantz, Nick (UU)
    43 Pongsangangan, Kitinan (UU)
    44 Roest, Diederik (RUG) lecturer
    45 Sauerwein, Ubbi (RUG)
    46 Schönauer, Benedikt (UU) lecturer
    47 Schrijnder van Velzen, Solange (UvA)
    48 Setyadi, Chalis (RUG)
    49 Shiralilou, Banafsheh (UL) (Master’s student)
    50 Sikkenk, Tycho (UU)
    51 Silva, Ana (UvA) lecturer
    52 Snijder, Hendrik (UU) (Master’s student)
    53 Ulloa, Camilo (UU)
    54 van den Broeke, Jette (UU)
    55 van Daal, Tom (VUA) organizer
    56 van Dalum, Gerwin (UU)
    57 van Dijk, Lieke (RU Nijmegen) (Master student)
    58 van Walsem, Etienne (UU)
    59 van der Wurff, Erik (UU)
    60 Vasilis, Fragkos (UU) (Master’s student)
    61 Verheyen, Rob (RU Nijmegen)
    62 Verweij, Daan (UU) (Master’s student)
    63 Vlaar, Patrick (UvA)
    64 Werkhoven, Ben (UU)
    65 Werkman, Pelle (RUG)
    66 Zhihong, You (UL) lecturer
    67 Zimmermann, Yannik (UU) ( Master’s student)
    68 Zoppi, Lorenzo (UvA)

  • Poster: