Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2012

  • Program:

    Main lecturers:
    Christophe Grojean (CERN):
    Electroweak symmetry breaking and physics beyond the standard model

    Elisabetta Pallante (RUG):
    Effective field theories

    Jan-Pieter van der Schaar (UvA):
    Quantum field theory in the early universe

    Erik Verlinde (UvA):
    Emergent gravity: from strings and black holes to dark energy and dark matter

    Evening speakers:
    week 1: Karla de Bruin (Netherlands Forensic Institute):
    Physics in forensic science

    week 2: David Norris (Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behaviour, RU Nijmegen):
    The imaging of position, velocity and displacement with magnetic resonance imaging: from the motion of sea water to tracking the fibres of the living brain.

  • Organizers:

    Piet Mulders (VUA)
    Diederik Roest (RUG)
     / Marieke Postma (Nikhef)
    Thijs van den Broek (RU Nijmegen)

  • Registration:

    Registration deadline: 23 December 2011
    Registration fee: € 1.050,–
    The registration fee includes a double room for eight nights and all meals. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

    PhD students are expected to share a room.

    Please note: DRSTP PhD-students will be given priority in case of overbooking.

    You will receive an e-mail confirmation and further information after the registration closing date.
    An invoice will be sent to your affiliation.

    Half the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 9 January 2012.
    The full registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 16 January 2012.

    If you wish to stay for the weekend you must make your own arrangements.

  • Participants:

    1. Atal, Vicente (UL)
    2. Borsato, Riccardo (UU)
    3. Buffing, Maarten (VUA)
    4. Caldeira Costa, Ricardo (UvA)
    5. D’Ambrosi, Giuseppe (Nikhef)
    6. De Bruyn, Kristof (Nikhef)
    7. de Haan, Sjoerd (RUG)
    8. de Lange, Paul (UvA)
    9. Dekens, Wouter (RUG/KVI)
    10. Glavan, Drazen (UU)
    11. Holsheimer, Kristian (UvA)
    12. Jordan, Samo (UU)
    13. Korovin, Yegor (UvA/KdV)
    14. Kovačevič, Marija (RUG)
    15. Mayerson, Daniel (UvA)
    16. Merbis, Wout (RUG)
    17. Mosk, Benjamin (UvA)
    18. Nunes da Silva, Tiago Jose (RUG)
    19. Ortiz, Pablo (UL)
    20. Pinzani Fokeeva, Natalia (UvA)
    21. Sfondrini, Alessandro (UU)
    22. Toldo, Chiara (UU)
    23. van der Schee, Wilke (UU)
    24. Vos, Keri (RUG/KVI)
    25. Wouters, Bram (UvA)
    26. Zojer, Thomas (RUG)