Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2016

  • Lecturers:

    Week 1:
    Eric DeGiuli (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne): Elasticity and flow near jamming
    Luca Giomi (UL): Non-equilibrium mechanics in active systems

    industry speaker

    Week 2:
    Mikhail Titov (RU): Formulas of condensed matter: from Schrödinger to Boltzmann
    Jasper van Wezel (UvA): Spontaneous symmetry breaking revisited

  • Organizers:

    Lars Fritz (UU)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 3880

    Edan Lerner (UvA)
    tel.: +31 (0)20 525 8397

    Mathijs Janssen (UU)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 2955

    Bureau DRSTP
    Drs. J.M. van Zee (Managing Director)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 7549

    W. Verweij (Secretary)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 5928

  • Registration:

    Registration fee: € 1.290,–
    Registration deadline: 22 February 2016

    The registration fee includes a double room for SIX nights, all meals and an organized social event. Students are expected to share a room.

    DRSTP PhD students will be given priority in case of overbooking.

    You will receive an e-mail confirmation and further information after the registration closing date.
    An invoice will be sent to your affiliation.

    35% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 22 February 2016
    60% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 7 March 2016
    100% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 14 March 2016

    Students are expected to attend the whole period of the school.
    If you wish to stay the weekend you must make your own arrangements.

  • Social activity:

    klootschieten, (something like Jeu de Boules); alternative program by bad weather

  • Venue:

    Oude Oever 10
    7722 VE Dalfsen
    the Netherlands
    telephone: +31 (0)529 478777
    fax: +31 (0)529 478778

    Check-out time is Friday at 10 a.m.

    A beamer and a blackboard will be available.

  • Participants:

    1. Bet, Bram (UU)
    2. Donker, Hylke (RU)
    3. Drwenski, Tara (UU)
    4. Gartner, Luka (UvA)
    5. Grubinskas, Simonas (UL)
    6. Liao, Lei (UU)
    7. Niesen, Ido (UvA)
    8. Plantz, Nick (UU)
    9. Puskarov, Tatjana (UU)
    10. Rens, Robbie (UvA)
    11. Rodenburg, Jeroen (UU)
    12. Schönauer, Benedikt (UU)
    13. Silva, Ana (UvA)
    14. Sikkenk, Tycho (UU)
    15. Tapias Arze, Sergio Enrique (UvA)
    16. van Caspel, Moos (UvA)
    17. van der Wurff, Erik (UU)
    18. van Miert, Guido (UU)
    19. van Walsem, Etienne (UU)
    20. Werkhoven, Ben (UU)
    21. Zheng, Jiansen (UU)