Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2020

  • Target group:

    Whether your research involves theme 1 (high energy) or theme 2 (condensed matter) you may attend both schools. For example, in your first year of employment you may attend the THEP school and in the second year the SPTCM school. Postdocs, advanced Master’s students, as well as graduate students from foreign countries are welcome.

  • Lecturers/ literature:

    week 1:
    Glenn Barnich (Université Libre de Bruxelles) – Symmetries and conservation laws in gauge and gravitational theories

    Ben Freivogel (UvA) – The Black Hole Information Problem

    Evening lecturer: Sascha Caron (RU) – Particle Physics in the Future

    week 2:
    Diederik Roest (RUG) – Cosmic inflation: the quantum origin of the Universe
    Juan Rojo (VU) – The Standard Model Effective Field Theory

    Evening lecturer: Barbara Terhal (QUTech/TU Delft)

  • Organizers:

    Timothy Budd (RU)

    Marieke Postma (Nikhef)

    Solange Schrijnder van Velzen (UvA)

    Bureau DRSTP
    Joost van Zee (Managing Director)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 7549

    Mariëlle Hilkens (Secretary)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 5928

  • Registration:

    Registration fee: € 1490,-
    Registration deadline: 1 December 2019

    * Be aware that if you fill in the form correctly you should immediately receive a confirmation email. If not, something went wrong and you will have to submit the form again.

    The registration fee includes a double room for eight nights, all meals and an organized social activity. Students are expected to share a room.

    You will receive a final confirmation and further information after the registration closing date. An invoice will be sent to your affiliation.

    Students must attend the full two weeks.
    If you wish to stay the weekend you must make your own arrangements.

  • Social events:


  • Venue:

    Oude Oever 10
    7722 VE Dalfsen
    the Netherlands
    telephone: +31 (0)529 478777

    It is possible to make use of a specially booked touringcar “South West Tours”, which will bring you on Monday’s from Station Zwolle to Hotel Mooirivier and on Fridays from Hotel Mooirivier back to the Station Zwolle.

    This touringcar is located at the south-side of the station (Hanzelaan en Lubeckplein).

    Monday 27 January leaving from Station Zwolle, at 12.00 hours
    Friday 31 January leaving from Hotel Mooirivier, at 14.15 hours
    Monday 3 February leaving from Station Zwolle, at 12.00 hours
    Friday 7 February leaving from Hotel Mooirivier, at 14.15 hours

    Incase you missed the touringcar see this route description:
    Bus or train: How to get to Mooirivier by bus or train

    Taxi: +31 (0)529 726000 or ask Mooirivier to order one for you (ahead of time).

    Check-in time is 14h00.
    Check-out time is 10h00.

    A beamer and a blackboard will be available.