Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2023 (Theme 1)

29 MAY - 3 JUNE 2023 in Callantsoog
There will be a shuttlebus available at Schagen Central Station. This bus will leave at 14.45 u, May 29! Please check your e-mail.


    Whether your research involves theme 1 (high energy) or theme 2 (condensed matter) you may attend both schools. For example, in your first year of employment you may attend the THEP school and in the second year the SPTCM school. Postdocs, advanced Master’s students, as well as graduate students from foreign countries are welcome.


    Monday 29 May – Saturday 3 June 2023

    Dr. Wouter Waalewijn (UvA)
    Lectures on QCD

    Prof. Dr. Marieke Postma (Nikhef, RU)
    Lectures on Early-time Cosmology, Inflation and Baryogenesis                   

    Slides Marieke Postma

    Prof. Dr. Michal Heller (University of Gent)
    Thermalisation in QFT

    Dr. Erik Plauschinn (UU)
    Compactifications of String theory

    Evening Lectures:

    Prof. Dr. Kareljan Schoutens (UvA)
    Quantum inside

    Dr. Beatrice Bonga (RU)
    Quasi-normal modes.



    Erik Verlinde (UvA)

    Keri Vos (Nikhef/UM)

    Max Jaarsma (UvA)

    Bureau DRSTP:
    M.E.T. Hilkens (Coordinator)
    tel.: +31 (0)30 253 7549

    A. Ligtenberg (Management Office Assistant)
    tel.: +31(0)30 253 5928



    Registration form
    Registration fee for DRSTP members: € 500,-
    Registration fee for non DRSTP members: € 850,-
    Registration deadline: 8 May 2023

    The full registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 11 May 2023!

    * Be aware that if you fill in the form correctly you should immediately receive a confirmation email. If not, something went wrong and you will have to submit the form again.

    The registration fee includes a double room for five nights and all meals. Students are expected to share a room.

    You will receive a final confirmation and further information after the registration closing date.
    An invoice will be sent to your affiliation.

    Students must attend the full six days.


    Badhotel Callantsoog
    Abbestederweg 26
    1759 NB Callantsoog
    +31 (0)224 – 58 22 22

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