Symposium Trends in Theory 2022

14th biennial symposium of the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics.
The symposium is organized to give an overview of research activities in theoretical physics in the Netherlands. We look forward to welcoming all members of the DRSTP on this occasion.

  • Date:

    Thursday 19 + Friday 20 May 2022

  • Target group:

    Interested non-DRSTP members, as well as Master’s students, are also invited to attend. In case of overbooking, priority will, however, be given to DRSTP members.
    A limited number of selected Master’s students may participate free of charge: Excellent MA students at the end of their thesis phase may apply by sending a brief motivation and a short support letter of their supervisor to, before 14 April 2022.

  • Language:


  • Lecturers and abstracts:


    Clélia de Mulatier (UvA) – Statistical physics, information theory, computer science
    Title: Identifying communities in binary data with spin models: when simple matters

    Farshid Jafarpour (UU) – Statistical physics – biological applications
    Title: Effects of Noise and Correlations in Bacterial Populations Dynamics

    Ana Achucarro (UL) – Theoretical cosmology
    Title: The Handmade Tail, and other (multifield inflation) stories

    Ben Freivogel (UvA) – Theoretical phyiscs – holography
    Title: Wormholes: from science fiction to science

    Eliska Greplova (TU Delft) – Quantum Nanoscience
    Title: Quantum Matter and the Multiverse of Engineered Topology

    Melissa van Beekveld (Oxford/Nikhef) – Particle physics phenomenology
    Title: Frontiers of parton-shower accuracy

    Jonas Helsen (QuSoft) – Quantum algorithms or benchmarking quantum computers
    Title: Random quantum circuits: a Drosophila fly for quantum computation

    Badri Krishnan (RU) – Gravitational waves
    Title: The simplicity of binary black hole mergers

  • Registration:

    Registration via this link –

    Registration fee:
    € 300,- (which includes a single room for one night and meals)
    € 240,- (which includes a double room for one night and meals – note that there are limited number of double rooms in the first place available for PhD/Master students)
    € 100,- (no room required – which includes meals for one day)
    € 200,- (no room required – which includes meals for two day’s)

    The full registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 10 May 2022!

    After the closing date you will receive an e-mail from the secretary confirming your registration.

    Registration for DRSTP PhD students and selected Master’s students is free of charge.
    Students are expected to share a room, depending on availability of double rooms.

    DRSTP PhD students will receive priority in case of overbooking.

  • Program:
  • Venue:

    Hotel WICC
    Lawickse Allee 9
    website WICC

  • Organizers:

    Frank Saueressig (Nikhef); Alejandra Castro (UvA); Thomas O’Brien (Leiden); Alicia Castro (RU)

    Registration/financial matters will be handled by the DRSTP Bureau:

    Olga Sobrino Gutierrez
    tel: +31 (0)30 2535928

    Mariëlle Hilkens,
    tel: +31 (0)30 2537549