Eleftheria Malami

PhD student and PhD council member
Particle Physics

I am interested in…

What are you working on?

I am a PhD student at the Theory Group of Nikhef, working with Robert Fleischer. I work on the field called flavour physics, which studies phenomena related to transitions between different elementary particle species, called “flavours”. Flavour physics played a central role in the development of the Standard Model of particle physics. Even though the Standard Model is a successful theory, there are still phenomena that it cannot explain, like the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe. Thus, we go beyond the Standard Model and we search for possible hints of New Physics. A very promising tool is given by particles called B mesons. In our studies, we focus on benchmark B meson decay processes, which are sensitive to New Physics. We search for New Physics in an indirect way, working at the “high precision frontier”, performing calculations with the highest precision and confronting them with very precise measurements. Fortunately, we live in very exciting times where there is a plethora of experimental data. In these data sets, discrepancies are indicated between theoretical predictions and the measured values. Providing theoretical interpretation of these measurements, we aim to answer the question: are these really signals of New Physics?

What are you looking to get out of the DRSTP?

It is great to have an Institution like DRSTP, which can bring the whole Theoretical Physics community of the Netherlands together. Participating as a student to the DRSTP activities like the annual schools and the PhD days, it helps to build a strong network, meet your fellow colleagues, learn more about their topic and acquire a better understanding of your field. Being also a member of the PhD Student Council, I had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from our co-students and effectively communicate our needs to the Governing Board and our professors.

What interests do you have apart from your research?

Having also studied music, I enjoy playing the piano, singing opera or simply attending nice concerts and performances. In addition, I’m really into reading interesting books, dancing, hiking in nature, travelling and volunteering.