Prof. dr. Paul van der Schoot

Soft Matter, Biophysics
Eindhoven University of Technology – Soft Matter and Biological Physics.

I am interested in…

What are you workin on?

I apply the toolbox of statistical mechanics to a wide range of problems in soft condensed matter physics. The soft matter systems I work on, include liquid crystals, colloids, polymers, droplets, transient and permenent networks of particles, gels and supramolecular assemblies such as viruses and virus-like particles. My work is mostly but not exclusively driven by experimental observation, and involves collaboration with very diverse experimental groups, involving biotechnologists, biophysicists, organic chemists, polymer engineers, structural biologists and so on. Often our more applied research, such as that on the formation of system-spanning networks of particles in polymeric materials, leads to new insights in fundamental science as well as to exciting new ideas for composite materials and sometimes even to patents!

What does the DRSTP mean for you?

DRSTP is the way to build a theoretical physics community in The Netherlands, and broaden the horizon of graduate students that typically focus attention on a very small research area. It is also very rewarding to get to know young and aspiring young theoreticians and get them interested in the more applied aspects of theoretical physics.

What interests do you have apart from your research?

I am avid swimmer, and like to listen to many different styles of music. I also enjoy reading books, fiction and non-fiction.